I purchased a few items on sale and read the back of receipt that states unused merchandise can be returned for same payment method with original receipt and tags with 30 days. I went to return my items 5 days after purchase and they said I can only get a store credit because the item was on sale.

If you read further on the receipt it does state this but an associate should at least inform you at time of purchase so you are aware.

The store was very crowded so I figured I'd purchase and go home to try on then return if it doesn't fit. I understand it's their policy, a very very bad one, I just wish the store associate who sold me the goods would have told me at time of purchase, I at least would have tried on or put the items back.

Monetary Loss: $87.

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No you don’t!! You can’t even be bothered to read the whole receipt!

What makes you think you would stand around and listen to all the policies? What makes you think you would even listen if you can’t be bothered to read? How exactly is the sales person to know what YOUR intentions were? No job gives you telepathy when they hire you.

If YOU cannot COMMUNICATE your intentions how is the clerk to know they need to tell you anything? Maybe take responsibility some. I don’t need someone to tell me a return policy.

I READ THE RECEIPT! Why can’t you?


The sale assistant is here to SALE. It is the customer's responsibility to read the T&C.People are not supposed to inform you about the T&C wherever you go.How can you complain about something that was actually written at the back of your receipt?Don't you have anything else to do with your life?Sincerely,Denisa.

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada #1187220

July 2016 version: went home with my dress that wasn't on sale. I took of the tags but I didn't feel comfortable so brought back the dress and the tag a week later and was surprised to hear sorry we cannot accept this return m'am you took off the tags.

when it was for selling the item the employee did mention 30 days return policy but never mentioned the tag (seriously who reads the return policy when you don't want to return an item, it's only when sh**t happens that you go back and read it! very frustrating-

to Anonymous #1493811

Cause girls are cheap and buy dresses, wear them to a date and return them, so they made this policy, it's basically common sense and international.


Had the same situation and their customer service is horrible. No professional at all. Really disappointed!!!

La Jolla, California, United States #914455

Same situation, only I ordered the items from Guess online during Cyber week. Of course things were on sale, and they had bright red font at the top of the page saying "free in-store returns and exchanges." When to return some items at store only to hear the policy about sale merchandise.

What a crock. If you want to return for a refund you have to shell out for shipping and send the items back to Guess's warehouse.

I won't be shopping at Guess any time soon again.


I would assume if you are old enough to shop on your own, you are old enough to read. Do you really expect store employees to act like they are baby sitting you?

Nobody should have to have the return policy explained to them. If you see writing on the back side of a receipt you should at least look at what it says.

to anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #967382

Once you have the receipt you have already made the purchase. That's the problem.

to anonymous #1099386

*** comment! How can you know that policy until you already purchased the items?

But when that happened, you're stuck. The only way to know is that employees inform you IN ADVANCE.

to anonymous #1163819

No one would have know until they made the purchased. We are not asking for baby sitter, we need to know that *** policy before we buy!

to anonymous Valyermo, California, United States #1179062

The policy is posted on every checkout register next to the card terminal(the little machine you swipe your debit/credit card to pay). Do yourself a favor and ask any of the underpaid employees before actually completing the transaction.

This goes for any retailer. Thanks.

to anonymous Grand Prairie, Texas, United States #1249452

No you dont. Duh. Some things should be basic givens from a developed store brand.

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