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I did shopping online with them.

It is really bad service! The people will cut off your phone anytime they want. When I try to call back, they will put you on hold forever. I was waiting there for 25 mins because I try to complain they sent me wrong item and I want my money back.

The presenter is really rude. She wants me to hear whatever she said and did not let me talk back. I really do not think it is the right way to treat your customer. I had been with them for several years. I won't come back any more!!!!

It is a worst shopping online experience I never have!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Guess Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • uninterested customer service
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Mind actually proof reading your submission? Cause it just sounds like you're an *** customer that things that the customer is always right...which is a major fallacy. Customer are *** ***

Gistel, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium #1234196
can you, please, give a valid customer care number? I try to contact them by no answer:((( Thank you!
Fontana, California, United States #1227160

I registered but it saus password does is not valid, could not buy anything online because it just wont do it. Called for a product because a product disappeared from the website overnight, and the woman refused to search for it.

Called to buy something and the and the phone kept hanging up. Apparently they have no order phone line.

How does this company stay in business? Horrible customer service

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